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bieverybody asked: I miss you too baby


Baby come back!!

The sweetest baby deer you ever did see. ❤️

If people could send me mail that isn’t spam that would be great????

Okay story time! So today in class there was a bee flying around and this kid stood up and yelled “FIRST ONE TO KILL IT GETS EXTRA POINTS” so I was like oh fuck no and I stood up and literally grabbed it out of the air. I GRABBED A FLYING BEE OUT OF THE AIR. Then I put it outside and walked over to the kid and said “why the hell is it that your first instinct is to kill it?” And him and his snotty friends just got really quiet and had these dirty looks so I just smiled and sat down. Then I got a fist bump and my teacher was like “that was so great!”. So yeah I’m happy end of story. 😊

I’m going to be passionate about whatever the hell I am passionate about. Don’t ever tell me or anyone else to stop being passionate.

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